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Best Vegan Eyelash Extensions in London

We are a specialist Eyelash and Eyebrow salon and training academy in London. We recently won 'Best Specialist Lash & Brow Salon' in London by the LuxLife Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2024 and placed 3rd in London as 'Lash Stylist of the Year' by the UK Hair and Beauty Awards in 2023. 

We are dedicated in providing the best eyelash extensions in London, featuring a unique and bespoke experience with an emphasis on quality and artistic flair. We only use vegan products and we do not test on animals! We are also reducing our carbon footprint by minimising single-use plastics and replacing them with biodegradable and planet-friendly alternatives such as bamboo. We are now also an ABT accredited training provider so if you are looking to start your lash career head over to our Training tab to get started.

We are experts in the latest lash trends such as the trending 'Wet Look Effect' eyelash extensions and fox eye styling techniques, which uses finer and lighter extensions to create bolder set of Classic Lash Extensions. This creates the illusion of a darker and bolder lash line. Giving those who love the classic look a boost without the weight. We also use newer curls such as L and M for those that like the foxy eyes look. Be sure to check out our portfolio on Instagram below and follow us for more.

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

It is a common misconception that eyelash extensions are bad for you because they damage your natural lashes. In truth, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes if they are applied correctly. This means individually isolated and minimal glue usage at the base of the natural lash 0.5mm-1mm away from the eyelid.

This is why it is important to do your research before getting your eyelashes done. Make sure you go somewhere that is fully licensed and insured. Ask if you are unsure. You’d be surprised how many salons hire staff without insurance or qualifications! Be sure to maintain the proper aftercare too such as avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling at your extensions after your treatment.

Since your eyes are closed for the whole duration of the treatment, glue cannot physically get in your eye. If you feel a stinging or burning sensation during your treatment, this is usually from the fumes of the glue or the eye patch being placed too close to the waterline. Just make sure you let your lash technician know so that they can use a fan or air blower to get rid of the fumes.

There is no need for a break in between eyelash extensions if they're applied correctly. Most people don't notice their natural lashes shedding because the lashes are so small and fine. However, with eyelash extensions, it's easier to notice since they're a lot longer. You can also use a lash serum while wearing lash extensions to keep them healthy with no adverse effects. Just make sure that the serum that you use do not contain any oils. As a specialist in vegan eyelash extensions in London you can rest assured knowing you will be in safe hands.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

There are a number of different ways to care for your lash extensions, but as with anything regular maintenance and good hygiene practices are key to prolonging the life of your lash extensions.

We have a dedicated lash aftercare page if you would like more information on how to look after your lash extensions.

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